Manufactured Home & Lot — And In Park

                      Manufactured Home & Lot  and  Mobile Home In Park

Manufactured / Mobile Home In Park financing also available.
​Little as 5% down and up to 20 Year Terms.
Call for more information.

Manufactured Home Real Estate (Real Property – On Land) financing available for Manufactured
Homes where both the Manufactured Home and Land are offered as collateral for financing.
Manufactured Home must set on permanent foundation.

Greatland Mortgage Corp. offers a wide range of Manufactured Home and Lot financing products
and programs for new and existing (pre-owned/used) Manufactured homes to meet each
borrowers unique needs.

Purchase Programs

* Loans Starting at Only 3.5% Down Payment.
* Conforming (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac)
* VA (Veterans Administration) Loans

* Double Wide and Triple Section Manufactured Homes
* New and Existing Manufactured Homes

* Primary Residence & Vacation (Secondary) Manufactured Homes
* Seller Paid Closing Costs Allowed

Refinance Programs

* HARP  –  Home Affordable Refinance Program
* FHA (Federal Housing Administration)
* Conforming (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac) Cash Out, Home Improvement,
  Debt Consolidation, and Rate & Term Refinance
* Double & Triple Sections Manufactured Homes
* Primary Residence & Vacation (Secondary) Manufactured Homes